“World in Pictures”  from Zenica

Mejdandžik 9A

72000 Zenica

Bosnia and Herzogovina

Contact:  Bojan Radić, PhD, speech therapist;  president

Tel:  +38 76 130 2906

email:  bojanun@hotmail.com

website:  http://svijetuslikamazenica.com


In the heart of a small country, 14.02.2012., a wonderful world was created, a „WORLD IN PICTURES”. Created out of love for children, with a great desire to provide help and support to children with ASD, with the aim of undertaking and conducting activities to raise awareness of professionals and in the public about the rights and needs of children with ASD, in order to reduce prejudice.

Association, which brought together a young multidisciplinary team, a team of enthusiastic, motivated experts in the field of education and rehabilitation, speech therapy, pedagogy, psychology, social work and social pedagogy. In their work they use metods that are world wide accepted and some of theme evidence based like ABA. Other metods that they use in their work are: Pecs, Teacch, Tomatis, and Sensory Integration.

The Association”World in Pictures” also provides big support to parents, caregivers and other people who are actively involved in child care. Support is provided in the form of home visits, education of parents/caregivers, provide psychosocial assistance and provide adequate and timely guidance for better protection and socialization of children.

Association „World in Pictures” is based on volunteer work and young professionals involved in the work act as a resource of the local community and strive to encourage, involve and engage all potentials of the general public in addressing the problems of people with ASD and protection of their rights guaranteed by international conventions, Constitution and BiH laws,all with the aim of finding adequate measures to establish and build a system of early detection, diagnosis and monitoring of children on the autism spectrum. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country in developing phase, there are stereotypes related to many fields and people do not talk so much about them.

Our vision is to break down such stereotypes, raise public awareness and follow the world standard in working with children with ASD.