Autism Conference Izmir
PLEASE NOTE!    NEW DATE – 1 – 4 July 2021!  Due to an unforseen Covid-19 Lockdown in Turkey the congress had to be rescheduled.  This has resulted in some changes of speakers, topics and time-slots.  We are very sorry for any inconvenience!


BIAC2 Summer 2021 – Balkan International Autism Congress

endorsed by the World Autism Organisation

Thursday 1st – Sunday 4th of July 2021 at Izmir Democracy University – TURKEY


To register, please go to:



Congress – Workshop – Roundtable

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Dear WAO members, parents and other guests…


Free registration is provided for all participants in our WAO-BIAC2 summer meeting.


This has been possible with the great contributions of Izmir Democracy University and the support of supporting organizations. We would like to express our gratitude to Professor Bedriye Tunçsiper, the rector of Izmir Democracy University, for this. We would also like to thank our devoted scientists who made presentations at this congress without any charge.


We are very happy that we were able to achieve this in this difficult year, thanks to the beautiful people who supported us. In our community, a meeting with such a rich speaker participation has never been held for free.Please let as many people as possible take advantage of this opportunity. Notify everyone you want to attend, let them know they can register for free.

In the name of greater awareness of World Autism Organisation,  please sign up at


Stay well


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2021 WAO-BIACWinter conference will be held on 25th-28th of november in Serbia.

2022 WAO-BIAC4  Summer conference will be held on 2nd-5th of june in Greece.

2022 WAO-BIACWinter conference will be held on 24th-27th of november in Bosnia and Herzegovina





Regular FREE webinars on various topics which can be viewed in recorded form too:

For April – Autism Awareness/Acceptance month, ARI is featuring something every week:
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We are excited!
The next ARI – WAO collaborative  speaker will be Wenn Lawson!

2022 WAO International Congress

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the 2022 congress has been postponed until further notice.  We are looking at hosting a live plus online congress with hubs in various cities and/or continents.  If your country or organisation is interested in hosting a hub, please send an email to to be put on the call-for-tender list.