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UPCOMING 02 – 03 April 2022

HYBRID (In Person and Online)

4th International Balkan Autism Conference
Lectures by 12 Experts








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Via FB from Wenn Lawson:

The US autism association is hosting a conference and I’m one of the Keynote presentations. So, Just letting you know you can get $25 (us) off if you join the event below and use the code: WENN-25OFF

Shut Down and Sensory Overload in Autism
With profound insight, Dr. Wenn Lawson, a world renowned autistic psychologist and researcher who has spoken before the United Nations, discusses shut-down and sensory overload for those on the autism spectrum. Delivered from an insider’s perspective, this Keynote session provides viewers with a complex and yet complete picture about the topic of shut-down, while sharing useful tips about what can be done to help those affected.
Don’t miss this and many other informative sessions, as well as live discussion with experts!
Continuing education hours available
learn more.
Registration for the Summit is open now!

2022 & beyond WAO International Activities

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the 2022 congress has been postponed until further notice.  In the interim, we are looking at hosting live meeting style FREE seminars or webinars.  Most of the requests for assistance and practical knowledge building come from poorly resourced countries and organisations.  If you would like to take part in this project and impart your knowledge at no cost to the WAO or to the participants, send us an email with your details, your specialisation/topic of interest or your practical workshop information, including references and/or a website which details some of your work.  (NO ABA, hyperbaric oxygen, bleach or other Autism unfriendly methods and therapies/treatments will be considered).  Please include your favoured time for presentations and the country you are presenting from.  If your country or organisation is interested in hosting a little conference or day-seminar (unfortunately we cannot help with sponsorships or donations), please send an email to info@worldautismorganisation.com to be put on the call-for-tender list.