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The objectives of World Autism Organisation are :

  1. to promote among all people and nations the highest possible quality of life for people with autism and their families. To this end World Autism Organisation will act as:
    • an advocate of measures to promote such quality of life;
    • a leader in developing, proposing and recommending such measures;
    • a communicator of plans for and progress of autistic projects and practices;
    • a co-ordinator of efforts of national member associations, government agencies, professional groups and international organisations to advance understanding and services for persons with autism;
    • where no such national organisation exists, provide information directly to autistic people their parents and families and if they so request provide support in the establishment of such an organisation.
  1. to strengthen the self-awareness of persons with autism, to develop their personality, self-respect and sense of responsibility ;
  2. to advance the rights of people with autism and their families without regard to nationality, race, gender or creed, by securing on their behalf from all possible sources, the provision of support, residential, educational, training, employment and welfare health services ;
  3. to create a common bond of understanding among persons with autism, their parents and families throughout the world ;
  4. to promote the interests of persons with autism and their families by bringing about co-operation among organisations representing national endeavour in their behalf ;
  5. to promote the highest possible level of knowledge and competency among professionals of autism, encompassing the most current scientific information and validated techniques.


The functions of the World Autism Organisation are:

To attain the above objectives, the World Autism Organisation, in collaboration with Regional and National Organisations, will work consistently and tirelessly :
  1. to improve and modernise throughout the world public policies and practices governing the education, health, welfare, social security, rehabilitation,
    employment, sports and recreation for people with autism ;
  2. to encourage the exchange of information and experience between all organisations whose activities relate to the goals of World Autism Organisation ;
  3. to disseminate accurate information and to promote enlightened attitudes on the part of the people of the world towards people with autism ;
    to encourage and co-ordinate the conduct of research and studies in all fields of autism ;
  4. to promote and co-ordinate technical and material assistance in furtherance of the aims of World Autism Organisation in areas where such help is required ;
  5. to solicit the support of national governments, national and international organisations everywhere to support programmes and policies of World Autism Organisation
    and of organisations of and for people with autism and their families, and to assist and to advise those bodies in their implementation ;
  6. to take any other measures necessary or conducive to the achievement of the objectives of World Autism Organisation.


Definition of Autism

According to our current constitution, Autism is understood in accordance with the definitions formulated in the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder IV) and the ICD 10 (International Classification of Diseases).  As this is outdated, a proposal to update the definition and Autism information will be tabled at the GA in November 2020.

We are in the process of updating the definition in line with the UNCRPD, We are enlisting the help of Autistics to formulate an Autism-friendly definition which takes into consideration the lived experience of Autism, as well as acknowledging the need for a formal or fairly uniform definition for assessment and diagnostic purposes.  We welcome your input to info@worldautismorganisation.com