World Autism Awareness Day 2020

Progressing from “Awareness” to “Understanding and Action”

In regard to Autism, the past year has seen a focus on the cause of Autism being neurologically based and moving from “Awareness” to “Understanding and Action” which will be of great benefit for *Autistic people across the globe.

Unfortunately, the physical progress of these developments will be severely delayed as the whole world is facing the Covid-19 pandemic and isolation.  Nevertheless we must work together to keep the momentum of enhancing understanding of Autism amongst all people.

We must remember to recognise and embrace that Autistic people are different, not less, and we must presume competence, even if this is not immediately obvious.  We must find and strengthen the competencies, and we must learn to listen with our whole being as to what Autistic people are trying to say.  We must remain patient and give the person the time they need to respond, as, contrary to customary belief, Autistic people DO have empathy, they DO want friendships and they CAN communicate, albeit in a different way.

Time in isolation is a great opportunity for us to encourage parents of children without special needs to learn more about Autism. To consider how, rather than us spending a lot time guiding our family member how to behave during interaction with those without Autism, to encourage and teach others to understand how they can modify their behaviours and interactions with Autistic people.

During this time of self-isolation, this can also be time for the general community to consider how such loneliness and boredom can impact Autistic people. Sadly, self isolation, bringing a lot of loneliness, can often be preferable for Autistic people, rather than exposing themselves to the often unadapting and unaccommodating general public.

The Covid-19 virus offers us all time to reflect on so many issues, for example how we live and how we can positively change our approach and lives in the future.

We wish all families, especially those who have one or more members with Autism, good health and minimal impact from the Covid-19 virus. Many countries are facing critical and severe effects, but what has become apparent is that this global crisis will unify all of us as families and people around the world.

Dr.Samira Al-Saad

President                                                                                                                                2020-04-02





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International Conference:

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Words of encouragement from WAO president, Dr Samira Al-Saad:

Dear Members and Friends of World Autism Organisation,

During this time of the unknown, as the whole world is facing the corona virus (covid_19), of course our dear families who have one or more member/s with Autism are among them.  We urge everyone to take care of themselves as well as taking extra care and precautions for their beloved autistic family members.  We know that some countries are facing harsher times than others, nevertheless this crisis will unify all of us as families and people around the world.

Any parent of a child has to give more attention to the child in times like these, especially because they can’t go out.  This is the perfect time to play together, read stories, clean the house, etc.  

Please take the necessary precautions as instructed by health authorities and together we will beat such virus and will move on ….

Sincerely and with best wishes

Dr. Samira Al-Saad

President, World Autism Organisation