An Organisation is only as Strong as its Membership Base:

The World Autism Organisation has been in existence since November 1998.  We have had good years and we have had difficult years.

The last number of years were very difficult and the current situation (economically, politically and because of Covid-19) is making survival and growth even more difficult.

To be able to grow and develop:
a tree needs good soil (our aims and objectives);
a good root system (the members);
a trunk (our collectively bundled energies);
branches (our diverse cultures, needs and aspirations);
leaves (individual differences, needs and dreams);
flowers (development of capacity, competence and autonomy:

to  bear new seeds (an inclusive community) to sow for a better society for all.

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The More we Are, the More we can Do!

Only Together will we make a Difference!


GOOD NEWS!  At the GA on 29 November 2020, INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP was lowered to €15!
This gives more people the opportunity to join AND/OR you may consider to gift membership at this great rate.
There are various options for membership.
Individual membership has the benefit of getting all information faster and direct.



Benefits of Membership:

Membership runs fro January to December.
The following structure is a guideline for Members who would like their info on the website:

Full Members @ 150 Euro:           250 content words, 3 photos with description and a weblink;

Affiliate Members @ 110 Euro:  175 content words, 2 photo with description and a weblink;

Individual Members @ 15 Euro:          100 content words, 1 photo with description and a weblink;

After you have received your membership certificate with your number, please send the relevant above info to with Member info for WAO website in the subject line.