The World Autism Organisation (WAO), a purely voluntary, charitable, Not for Profit organisation, was founded in 1998 by parents of autistic people. The main objective of the WAO is to encourage and foster the development of services appropriate to the needs of people with autism throughout the world. These needs are the same across the globe, but sadly there are still great differences in understanding and resources from one country to another. Our primary focus is to share knowledge and experience and to encourage resourcing in all those parts of the world where it is needed.

We offer support, networking and hope for autistic people and their families where there is none


To achieve this, we have relied upon voluntary action. Our only source of income has been from membership subscriptions, donations and surplus income from conferences and other activities.

We must adapt to establish a more reliable and constant income stream in order to be able to provide a sustainable service.

Patronage Partnership

We have developed a project which recognises the importance of donors and offers them certain privileges and status in recognition of their contributions.

Many patrons will be commercial concerns who may or may not have direct or indirect involvement with autism. Others could be charitable organisations themselves or even individuals who wish to be involved in our activities. Our hope is that each of our Patrons will take a continuing interest in our operations and feel themselves to be stakeholders in the organisation’s success and the difference we believe we can make.

What does Patronage Imply?

Patronage and loyalty work both ways. In exchange for support the donors on this programme would be listed as “Patrons of the World Autism Organisation” and their logos or titles included in all appropriate sites and publications (unless they request otherwise).

We would like to take the liberty of requesting that you kindly consider becoming a Patron of the WAO through an annual donation of $1,000 for a 3 year period. This would qualify for “Patron” status and would be renewable at your discretion.

  • Patrons would become honorary members of the WAO and, although not having a vote in our elected decision making bodies, you would be able to utilise the other benefits which such membership entails.
  • These benefits would include discounts when participating in our events (usually conferences) and a similar reduction for booths and stands. Patrons would, of course, be in a privileged position when conference programmes are being prepared but this would be dependent upon the decision of the relevant Programme Committee.
  • Patrons would be able to have an entry on our WAO website. We suggest 1,000 words about the Patron and, if appropriate, their products or services. Up to 2 pictures could be included. Also, links to the patron’s own website would be available (and, perhaps, links to our site from theirs).

At present, our effort is being hampered by a totally unexpected deficit from our last conference in Houston (2018) and to ensure sustainability of the WAO and the continued success and expansion of our work, we sincerely hope that this suggestion of a mutually beneficial partnership will be of interest to you.

We are grateful for your time and consideration which is especially important at this time because of the dramatic increases in the numbers of people being diagnosed with autism.

The situation is difficult for all families but in most of the world the realities are crippling and, without our help, there is little or no hope of a reasonable future for their children as they grow older.

We have shown that we can make a difference. It is our duty to educate governments, professionals, and families how best to support all those affected by autism. We are requesting your support to accomplish this.



For more information & sign-up contact:

For Attention:  Treasurer – World Autism Organisation



Signed:  President  Dr Samira Al-Saad;  Kuwait City;  Kuwait.