Notice and Agenda
for the 2023 General Assembly of the World Autism Organisation

Date: 4 November 2023 at (time to be advised) UTC/IST/GMT
Venue: Online

Each Full Member Organisation may designate two representatives to the General Assembly, one of whom shall be deemed to exercise the full voting rights of the Full Member.Each Affiliated Member Organisation may designate one representative to the General Assembly who shall be deemed to exercise voting rights allocated for this class of membership.

Individual members may participate in the General Assembly with full voting rights for this class of membership.

The General Assembly shall establish the general policies and procedures of World Autism Organisation, review all actions and decisions of the Council, and serve as final court of appeal on all matters respecting the rights of members.

The provisional members may attend the General Assembly in a consultative capacity.

The President of World Autism Organisation may invite observers to attend the General Assembly with prior approval of their national delegation.


  1. Present and Apologies
  2. Welcome
  3. Approval of Minutes of last General Assembly (November 2022)
  4. President’s Report and approval
  5. Treasurer’s Report and approval
  6. Secretary’s Report and approval
  7. Proposals should be sent to the Hon. Secretary Gen. ( three months prior to the General Assembly,
    (by 1 August 2023).
  8. General (Matters to be placed under General, must be provided to the President (c/o before 15 October 2023.
    Recurring Item: Ratification of members subscribed since last General Assembly
  9. Closure of Meeting

Any voting paid up Member, not able to be present at a General Assembly, may have their their vote recorded by proxy, provided a signed authorisation assigning the vote has been received by the President, not less than two months in advance of the meeting. (Deadline: 01 September 2023).

The proxy vote may be assigned either to the paid up member representative designated in the signed authorisation, or to the Honorary Secretary General of World Autism Organisation who, in addition, must be clearly directed, on the proxy form, on how to use and register the vote of the voting Member. One delegate may not hold more than one proxy vote.

All questions shall be decided by the vote of the simple majority of those present and all received proxy votes except as otherwise provided in the Constitution. In case of a vote approval by less than one-third of the membership of the Council of Administration, actions decided by the Council shall not be final until ratified by a vote of the full Council.

Each Full Member shall have 100 votes. Affiliated members shall have 10 votes each with a maximum of 50 votes per country. Individual members shall have one vote.

To have voting rights at the General Assembly, please go to by 1st August 2023, to ensure you have renewed your membership for 2023

NB: If you will be attending the General Assembly through the online GoTo Meeting system, please let the president (Petra Dillmann) know so that she can send you a GoTo Meeting link