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About KCA:

Kuwait Center for Autism (KCA) is the first established center in the Middle
East with full services for students with autism and the first to get international accreditation. KCA was established in 1994, as a joint venture between Dr. Samira Al Saad, the Founder of KCA and a mother of a girl with autism, and the Public Endowment Foundation in Kuwait. [She established in 1989 a classroom for children with autism in her house.  Then in 1990 in her house in Saudi Arabia as they moved there because of invasion in Kuwait. In 1993 the classroom was transferred to a bigger project “Faisalya Women Society” with Dr. Samira’s supervision.] She started KCA with 5 students & 12 teachers in a small rented building. In 2008 KCA moved to a state of the art building, with a range of facilities, such as a school; sensory rooms, theater, clinics, general library, training workshops and Donations covered the costs 10 million dollars. KCA delivers services to more than 120 students (boys & girls). The center has 80 teachers with other specialists to complement the service.



KCA aims to:

  • Provide a specialized educational programs in an organized, integrated and educational environment that enables students with autism to raise their educational and social skills.
  • Autism specific research studies are commissioned and/or conducted by KCA.
  • Prepare specialized staff to deal with people with autism through intensive and continuous professional developed programs, inside and outside Kuwait.
  • Raise autism awareness by means of seminars , conferences and providing literature in Arabic that helps parents and researchers.
  • Support a range of voluntary work.
  • Train the family members through meetings, private consultations, educational plans and workshops which are conducted by international experts.

(Under the patronage of HH Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Sabah the new premises of KCA was opened in Jan 2011)

KCA services:

Early Intervention Program

The early intervention program is a first step to join the main Educational program. They follow sessions according to a schedule which plans evaluated and discussed with the student’s family. It also includes the individual education session, group work, food instructions, computer, library, music, communication, sensory rooms, external sports events.

The center’s specific approach & theory  is called “REACH”. This approach is based on international best practice for people with autism. The meaning of the word ” REACH” is an acronym for:

R= Relationship, to provide and  increase the child’s social relationships.

E= Environment, since the program is provided through  a friendly  organized  and safe environment.

A= Activity, means providing  all the necessary activities to motivate learning.

C= Communication, it concentrates on the suitable communication according to the child’s whether verbal, picture or a model.

H= Health, the program  is designed to keep the student healthy and safe during the activities and training provided to him / her.


All included and covered in KCA curriculum.

Youth house program

Students join this program after completing the Day School. It has a therapeutic and vocational focus. Products produced in the workshop are marketed at chartable exhibitions and markets in Kuwait.

Summer and Mid-year vacation program

KCA is considered the first center to provide a summer entertaining program for people with autism in 1997. The program was designed to include outdoor activities:  journeys, computer, arts, music, sports and swimming. In addition, a basic educational program helps students to main their educational skills during the long summer break.


Supporting services

  • Diagnose and Evaluation Unit : The center helps to provide diagnostic and evaluation services for families that wishes to have an evaluation and diagnosis of their children; whether from KUWAIT or abroad. Medical and educational tests are conducted by the center’s consultants and specialists.


  • Educational and Family Consultancy : KCA assists families to provide for their children on the Autism spectrum. They are instructed on how to deal with their child. Suggested strategies are formulated and follow-up provided. This service is for all families whether their child is enrolled or not in the center. It also includes those living outside KUWAIT.


  • Behavior and amendment sessions.
  • Speech and communication sessions
  • Transportations service.
  • School clinic.


KCA’s Markable Achievements since 1994

  • By Awareness given by KCA about autism & advocate presented to society more schools or classrooms for autism start opening after 2000.
  • Special Categories Employment Program

KCA created the Disabled Employment program in 2000 with the aim of investing their capabilities to ensure honorable life for them.


  • Establishing Gulf Autism Union and Arab Autism Network

It was established in 2002 and aimed to more cooperation in the field of Autism. Dr.Samira Al-Saad (Founder & Director of KCA) invited the Autism specialists in the Gulf countries to establish the GAU.


  • International Autism Day

KCA held the first autism awareness day in 2002. Then the efforts have been exerted by the gulf countries to celebrate this day and it was approved from the United Nations to be on the 2nd of April of every year starting from 2008.


  • Annual chartable Market

The first chartable market held by KCA was in 2000 with revenues transferred to autistic children studies and researches.


  • Autism Marathon

The marathon aims to remind the society about the importance of supporting those of special needs.


  • Research Studies

Solving some of the autism problems and developing the services provided is behind the research efforts of the center. Some of the center’s research studies include establishing programs for people with autism – dental care of autistic children – psychological effects parenting children with autism prospective – body mass index of children with autism.


 (World Autism Organization members at their visit to Kuwait Center for Autism 2012)


  • Series of spreading special categories awareness

KCA established this series to offer the Arab libraries well-informed and useful publications in Arabic language more than 65 books & stories are available with a focus on autism and communication difficulties.


  • “Silent Scream” magazine

The idea of issuing “Silent scream” magazine was to attract readers to read more about autism, such a scientific and cultural articles. The magazine serves specialized readers, parents and researchers.  It includes the most updated international news in the field of Autism, meetings, research and studies. As for the magazine’s title, it symbolizes the scream of a child, his family and his cares. However it’s a scream with love and without prejudice.


  • Annual Sports festival

The annual sports festival was held since 1997 under the sponsorship of ministers, top figures and parents in addition to the participating schools. KCA’s students engaged with various entertaining activities  to celebrate people with autism in the wider society.


(40 thousand candles forming the word Autism in Arabic and English at KCA’s trial to register a Guinness record for lighting the candles up 2012)