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About Gulf Autism Union:

Gulf Autism Union is a gulf professional, academic and educational non– profit  authority concerning with the autistic children’s affairs in the Arab gulf. Mainly located in the state of Kuwait , Gulf Autism Union was established in 2002 with participation of Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates  and Oman Sultanate.

(Gulf Autism Union organized the fourth Autism Golf Championship for people with autism in Kingdom Saudi Arabia – 2011)


Union Objectives :

  • Understanding cooperation among the authorities sponsoring the autism in GCC  countries  and how to enhance them.
  • Creating integrated database among all GCC countries containing  the number of people with autism,  with all levels and age categories, those who work in this field, programs, etc.
  • Issuing a diagnostic protocol that the union distributes on the concerned authorities and train them on using it.
  • Providing the scientific awareness through books, publications, CDs and computer networks to brief those who work in the field on the new developments in special education.
  • Improving the scientific and professional level of those working in special education programs and institutes (autism and  communication difficulties) through training courses, seminars , conferences and providing  scholarships , etc.
  • Spreading awareness in the society, how to deal with the disabled  and promoting the role of the mass media, both  written, audio and video.
  • Encouraging scientific research in the field of autism and communication difficulties through sponsoring medical , educational and social research , guiding the researchers toward the scientific researches that can benefit the disabled themselves and developing the programs and methods used in these researches.
  • Preparation and coordination in hosting training courses , conferences and seminars.
  • Exchanging experiences though organizing visits and hosting the specialists.
  • Coordination in authoring and translating books to avoid retranslating the same edition or authoring repeated topics in order to achieve common benefit and decrease the cost.
  • Coordination in Arabarizing , determining  and applying tests’ measures.
  • Cooperating with different ministries of the state and raise their involvement in providing different services for autism.


Achievements for GAU members:

Events  on the occasion of International Autism Day ,2nd April of each year and events continue through April the month of each year.

(1) Kuwait

  • To raise autism awareness through different mass media (press , T.V & Radio )
  • To hold specialized lectures and workshops for specialists and parents
  • To start a statistical study of the autism cases in Kuwait
  • To distribute printed materials  with the  union’s slogan
  • To provide a proposal to establish a prize for autism to encourage scientific research
  • Annual walk marathon for the sake of autistic  children and a sports festival to spread autism awareness
  • To cooperate with the Ministry of Education and encourage all the schools to participate in Autism Day events.


(The volunteers in the walkathon that was organized by Kuwait Center for Autism which a member in GAU  – 2010)

(2) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Inaugurating (11) new autism programs, so that the existing programs are now 54 programs distributed on most areas of the KSA.
  • Holding training courses for teachers and educational supervisors.
  • Participating in Abu Dhabi First Sports Championship for the autistic category on Arab Autism Day 2006 in UAE.
  • Hosted 2nd Gulf Sports Championship for people with autism, under the auspices of HH Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.



(3) Qatar

  • First Autism awareness Campaign in 2005
  • Giving educational financial rewards for autism students and providing  all  their different needs.
  • Supporting program for Autistics children families – Preparing a list of the autistic individuals’ in Qatar.


(Roger Federer participating in the international awareness day for Autism in Qatar – 2005)


(4) United Arab Emirates

  • Issuing a service card to the autistic nationals and residents by Abu Dhabi Autism Center.
  • Minister of Education, UAE, approved  the desegregation  project for  the autistic students  which is now implemented by the Action Committee & holding conference for this
  • Addressing  the Emirates University and Scientific Faculties to offer some specialization relating to those with special needs.


(5) Oman

  • Events on the occasion of International Autism Day on 2nd April of each year and events continue throughout the month.
  • To distribute a survey questionnaire through Omani Women’s Associations all over the Sultanate.


(6) Bahrain

  • Work to increase the registered members in the Gulf Autism Union
  • Spreading brochures and posters in public places such as health centers during each month
  • Participating in Abu Dhabi First Sports Championship for the autistic category on the occasion of  Arab Autism Day 2006 in United Arab Emirates.