(AAN – National Association for Persons concerned with Autism Spectrum Disorders)

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Email:  autnam@iway.na

Website:  http://www.autism-namibia.org

Cell Petra:  +264-081-346-5912

    GENERAL INFO ON AUTISM NAMIBIA Autism Namibia is an association made up of parents, their children with Autism, adults with Autism, friends and professionals who are interested in promoting the well-being of persons on the Autism Spectrum within Namibia, and to provide a network between the various autism organisations world-wide.  Our aim is to provide support and assistance as well as training in the field of autism to parents and professionals.  In the current economic climate and with the diverse needs of various members of the community this is becoming increasingly difficult. To reach our goal, the following is on our agenda:

  • Sensitising the community and government as to the needs, rights and support systems for persons with Autism.
  • Training of professionals and parents in detecting Autism and assisting with appropriate assessment methods.
  • Setting up offices, resource centre and library services, etc. to provide support and training to parents and professionals.
  • To have an ongoing system of identifying and assessing children with Autism and providing support to them and/or their parents, teachers and professionals.
  • Setting up and implementing alternative and augmentative communication systems for persons with Autism and other communication or developmental difficulties..
  • Identifying schools and other venues to mainstream, partly mainstream or otherwise educate persons with Autism according to their needs.  This includes classrooms,  early intervention centres, training locales, autism specific schools, adult sheltered workshops and leisure facilities.
  • Transitioning and job coaching, as well as adult services, for persons with Autism and/or communication difficulties.

We need everyone’s input and hundreds and thousands of Dollars to raise awareness and funds for Autism training and support.  Together we can change the situation of education in this country.  Please contact us for more detailed information