President-Elect Nominee:

Dr Necip Cem Kinaci MD

Our adventure started 21 years ago with the birth of our son. But when we met autism, it turned into a nightmare.

In those years, we had very limited knowledge about autism. However, as we investigated, we found that many solutions actually exist. First, we learned that autism is a consequence, not a problem. It is a result of many causes coming together. We have seen that the prevailing classic view offers only special education as a treatment for families. But this approach was one that assumed that just installing software would be enough to fix a computer malfunction. However, we have seen that there can be many problems with the hardware of this computer and in different ways for each child.

In addition to being a medical graduate and nuclear medicine specialist, I also managed the nuclear medicine department at universities. However, the treatment mentality prevailing in the country where I live was far from meeting the expectations of parents like me. For this reason, I received training from some leading institutions such as “Autism Research Institute”, “American Collage for Advancement in Medicine”, “Medical Academy for Pediatric Special Needs” between 2005 and 2012. Then I shared what I learned with other parents as much as possible. I have attended more than 100 conferences, seminars, workshops, congresses as a speaker or trainer. In 2013, we published the book “There is a Solution to Autism” with famous professor Ahmet Aydın, Head of the Department of Child Health and Diseases, Department of Child Health and Diseases of Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine. The 12th edition is currently being sold. In the same year, my dear friend died of cancer.

Our dream, the Autism Medical Institute (AutisMedi), established as an online nonprofit organization in 2015. Currently, 67 valuable scientists representing 23 countries in 5 continents serve voluntarily. Since the day it was founded, we have participated in dozens of national or international congresses, conferences, seminars, panels, organizers or supporters. In short, as AutisMedi, we helped every organization asking for help free of charge. We have provided higher quality education especially to new professionals in medicine, special education, behavioral sciences, sports, music, ethics and social rights. We informed families, non-governmental organizations, the media and governments. We worked to create effective awareness.

The Federation of Autism Associations of Turkey (ODFED) We supported the merger of associations under its umbrella. We enacted special laws for autistic people in our country.

Now we have planned scientific and serial conferences in the Balkan countries, and we asked WAO to be an umbrella for this project. And our plan is to hold these international conferences twice a year as “winter” and “summer”. (We are grateful to WAO for their support in this matter)

The “1st WAO – Balkan International Autism Conference” was announced to be held in Pristina / Kosovo on 26-29 November 2020. However, the restrictions imposed due to the Covid 19 pandemic are prolonged. Unfortunately, this includes the days of the conference. For this reason, the organizing committee decided to hold this conference online in its last meeting. The roundtable to be held only with government officials will be held live. I will personally take part in this meeting and do the parent education live.

The Federation of Autism Associations of Turkey have 19 member associations under it’s umbrella and it is supported by the 4 foundations. This powerful organization aims to assist “Turkic Republics in Asia” and “neighboring countries in the Middle East” and “Balkan countries”.

The invitation slogan of WAO for new members is “We Only Make a Difference Together!”

AutisMedi invited all Balkan countries, Turkic republics and neighboring Middle East countries to meet under the umbrella of WAO with the same slogan.

As AutisMedi’s founding president and an ODFED delegate, it is an honor to be a candidate for the president of WAO. If this goal is achieved, implementation of the following strategy will be recommended.

  • The first step is to make more efforts to gain membership of more countries from different continents.
  • Quickly implementing projects necessary for the effective use of UN and EU funds,
  • To cooperate with WHO by establishing a close relationship,
  • To make regional presidencies more effective,
  • Organizing a large number of local and international events every year in order to make the WAO better known. (More recognition will provide more donations)
  • To give priority to those who do not bring financial responsibility to WAO in all activities,
  • To recommend to emphasize that they are WAO members at events organized by member associations,
  • Regional meetings planned to be held under the umbrella of WAO are approved by the WAO management and ensure that a board member attends these meetings,
  • To ensure an “Autism Action Plan” that can be recommended to the World
  • To ensure that WAO is a guide for individuals with autism and their parents on what supports are needed to be socially, physically and mentally healthy,
  • To ensure that WAO aims to be an organization that will change the destiny of countries, to bring together the official authorities of member countries and to guide them,

If I am elected as president, my priority will be to ensure that the WAO is moving towards all of the goals I have outlined above.

My hope and goal is to hand over a more efficient and powerful WAO to the next term president.

I hope you will support me in achieving this lofty goal.

I hereby respectfully.

Necip Cem Kinaci MD

President of Autism Medical Institute