The World Autism Organisation (WAO) was formally established in 1998. Our main objective is to improve the quality of life for people with autism and their families all over the world.

There are a number of ways in which we work to achieve this:

– We strive to assist that the voice of people with autism and their families is heard, and endeavour to attract funding from governmental sources or vested interest groups.

– We acknowledge the individuality and importance of each affected person and that each one is worthy of support and the means to lead a happy and meaningful life.

– We know that many of our objectives can only be achieved through political change and will work to advise and help politicians and policy makers to reach decisions that are appropriate to these ends.

– We recognise the need to collaborate and form active partnerships with other groups around the world if we are to be effective.

– We aid and encourage others with similar interests and intentions to foster societies that are appreciative of and welcoming to people with autism spectrum conditions.

– We support the efforts of the United Nations, World Health Organisation and other international bodies working in the interests of people with autism.

By combining our experience, knowledge and strength, we will succeed in creating a better quality of life for people with autism and their families.